Pierre-Louis Auvray is the Central Saint Martins grad to watch

Pierre-Louis Auvray on the inspiration for his grad collection, his guilty pleasure & why you should google Barron Trump’s art

August 8, 2018

Pierre-Louis Auvray is a 23-year-old, French fashion designer and talented graduate from Central Saint Martins. We caught up with Pierre-Louis on his majestic, muscle clad graduate collection, his guilty pleasure and why you should google Barron Trump’s art.


Your grad collection was themed around Medieval Wrestling. Can you tell us about it?

I basically chose to work on that concept because, in BA, you’re expected to have this very academic approach where you chose a theme that is rich in references and you will then draw inspiration from precise aspects of it. But for me there are other ideas underlying ideas there, it’s basically about being angry all the time, hence the wrestling, and the medieval part comes along because its gives this raw dimension to the project. It’s primal rage really, which is pretty relevant today I think.

“It’s basically about being angry all the time hence the wrestling”

You were in law school and Googled best fashion schools, then found yourself in Central Saint Martins. What would your life look like today if you didn’t follow that dream?

It’s scary to imagine where we could be if we took just one different decision at some point in our life, but I think I would probably be sitting in an office sorting out papers as an intern for some random Law Firm. I’d probably work from 9 to 8 and go home, sleep, repeat. My current lifestyle is a bit crazier but at the end of the day not so different. We produce different content but on top there are still big guys in suit you have to please.

“I would probably be sitting in an office sorting out papers as an intern for some random Law Firm.”

If your runway designs were an alien species, what would be their defining characteristics? 

First of all physically they wouldn’t follow the same characteristics as us. Their body would be in constant motion, able to shapeshift into one another at any given time. Their mind wouldn’t follow the same patterns as us, for them there would be no space and time. Also their architecture would be non euclidean. I think with all of this they’d probably look like sentient blobs of matter, the dream.

Your references on Instagram are super interesting. What’s something we should Google?

Thanks! Type ‘The Despair Code’.

What song do you play when you’re feeling angry or sad? How about when you’re feeling good?

I only listen to Carly Rae Jepsen.


What’s the last show you binge-watched?

The Handmaid’s tale, I started the first season last year, had no time to finish it before but now that school’s over I finally took time to do it.

What’s your fav film / book / video game?

I’m a big Lovecraft fan so ‘At the mountains of Madness’ for books, then there was supposed to be a movie based on it but Ridley Scott plagiarised it when he made Prometheus, so I don’t think we’re getting it anytime soon. Fav video Game is World of Warcraft for sure, it's been 10 years and still going strong.

What’s something online that makes you laugh every time you see it?

Barron Trump’s art, it’s been removed from DeviantArt but you can still find it you search on Google, it’s worth checking out to be honest!

“Barron Trump’s art. It’s been removed from DeviantArt but you can still find it you search on Google, it's worth checking out”

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Isolate myself for 3 days and not see the sun.

Who do you think is creating the coolest stuff in fashion right now?

All my classmates who graduated with me!


What are you up to after your grad collection - and what's next for Pierre-Louis Auvray?

I actually have no clue at the moment and it such a shock to be done after 4 years of studying so I’m just trying to enjoy not having to organize anything. Organized fun is the worst no?

Where can we see more of your work?

The future hopefully.

You can check out more of Pierre-Louis Auvray’s work on Instagram here.