Miki is the Korean Tattoo Artist You Need to Know

Meet the Insta-famous illustrator and tattoo artist inspired by Japanese art

December 10, 2019

Miki is a Seoul-based tattoo artist and illustrator who has become an icon in the ink scene with 120k followers on Instagram and counting. We caught up with the fiercely talented artist and discovered the inspiration behind her art, her favourite tunes and dream city.

Team Credits

Model and illustrations by Miki Kim (@_mi_ki_kim)
Photographed by Sun Choi (@sunoow) www.bysunchoi.com
Styled by Eileen Hong (@everybodyloveseileen)
Makeup/Hair by Seoyeong Lee (@seoraeful)

Hey Miki - where are you currently based?

Currently I’m based in Seoul but from 2020, I’ll probably be based in Australia.

How did you get into tattoo artistry?

One of my acquaintances was a tattoo artist, so it naturally inspired me to start my career in tattoo artistry.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspired by other cultures, as well as movies, music and cartoons.

What’s one of your proudest jobs as a tattoo artist?

I always enjoy tattooing people who fully trust me and leave it all to me. It’s good when people give me new ideas - but when they force their ideas or style on me, I can’t do as well because I lose interest.

I can see elements of Hajime Sorayama in your work. What other artists are you inspired by?

I’m definitely inspired by Hajime Sorayama. And by a lot of other Japanese artists including Nagai Hiroshi, Eizin Suzuki and Keiichi Tanaami.

You’re obviously very inspired by music! What song do you have on repeat?

It’s different each time but I’ve been greatly influenced by Japanese music since I was young. Nowadays, I’m into non-English speaking music such as Thai punk and Turkish punk. Lately, I’ve been listening to a Turkish band named ‘Altin Gun’ on repeat.

What Instagram account should we follow?

@s9acer is a Korean artist. I think his thoughts and beliefs are really well established and I like that he expresses them in his drawings.

You travel a lot - do you have a favourite city to visit?

I like traveling to Tokyo for sure - since I’m so strongly influenced by the city. But I also like Melbourne because I feel comfortable there. It’s like a home away from home.

Where can we see more of your work?


Wardrobe Credits

Look 1 top, vest, skirt all by nibgnus (@nibgnus) shoes by nike
Look 2 top & pants by nibgnus (@nibgnus)
Look 3 red swimsuit by marieyat (@_marieyat_) pants by nibgnus (@nibgnus)
Look 4 top & biker shorts by nibgnus (@nibgnus)
Look 5 top by nibgnus (@nibgnus)