Meet COBRAH, the Swedish artist making fetish inspired electro pop

Meet COBRAH, the Swedish artist making fetish inspired electro pop

COBRAH chats opening for Charli XCX, her dream Met Gala crew and more

November 25, 2021

From former primary school music teacher, to fiercely talented producer of BDSM-inspired bangers - Swedish artist COBRAH might not have your  typical career trajectory. But since releasing her debut single IDFKA to rave reviews in 2018, COBRAH’s star has been rising with absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Since then, COBRAH has been on the music industry's radar, from being invited to open the show for pop heavyweight Charli XCX, to scoring a Swedish Grammy nomination for ‘Best Video’. In her art, the multi-disciplinary creator does it all, from singing and production to visual direction and releasing her latest track - the steamy club banger ‘GOOD PUSS’ - via her own record label GAGBALL. To celebrate, we caught up with COBRAH to chat about all her fave things here.

Photos by Ninja Hanna

Hey COBRAH! What are your top 3 influences in your music?

1. I’m a big fan of textures - like if something sounds like a metal can, a bubble, a zipper or rubber.
2. Minimalism. Working in the studio is a long editing process because I have to carefully listen to the sounds and ensure they serve a purpose. Everything else gets deleted.
3. Music videos really inspire me. One of my faves is called Bass Inside by AC Slater and I love to have it on repeat when I make music.

Stream GOOD PUSS here

“Opening for Charli XCX in London last month was a holy experience.”

Your style is iconic! What are your fave 3 fashion pieces you own?

1. Chokers, belts & harnesses in all shapes and sizes.
2. A tight fitting polo long sleeve maxi dress. It’s classy and you can accessorize the hell out of it.
3. An underbust corset to wear over shirts, dresses or coats/blazers

I’m obsessed with your Loverboy interview where you talk about your songs being perfect for a gay workout playlist. What are the top 3 songs on your own Spotify playlist?

1. ABRA - Roses
2. Chris Lorenzo & Chynna  - Bad Bitch
3. Tinashe, ZHU, Ms Banks - Die A Little Bit
I’m so bad at finding new tunes, I usually just hear one song and then play it on repeat for the whole year, hahah.

On that note, what are the top 3 occasions to listen to your new EP?

1. In the car
2. At the gym
3. In the club!

I read you love playing video games. Do you have a top 3?

1. I’m a sucker for The Witcher, I can’t stop playing it. I think I’ve played the whole story about 2-3 times.
2. There’s a co-op game called Overcooked that’s really fun to play with friends. You play as a team in the kitchen making food.
3. And for scary games I like Until Dawn because it’s very story oriented and very scary.

“I’m so bad at finding new tunes, I usually just hear one song and then play it on repeat for the whole year, hahah.”

What are the top 3 things you love about your hometown Gothenburg?

1. I love the closeness to the ocean - diving is one of my favourite things to do. I used to practice diving in Gothenburg when I was a kid.
2. The metal scene - I remember hanging around with friends at different concerts in town because we were too young to go to clubs, it was amazing.
3. My family, they all live there and I miss them very often. We are close.

“[My dream collaborators are] Designer Luis De Javier, Hairstylist Ali Prizadeh and Shoe Designer Kira Goodey - all of us together would MURDER the Met Gala.”

Who are 3 dream collaborators?

Here are my dream collaborators to make the perfect look:
1. Designer Luis De Javier - I’m absolutely OBSESSED with!
2. Hairstylist Ali Pirzadeh
3. Shoe designer Kira Goodey
All of us together would MURDER the Met Gala.

Top 3 places you’ve travelled or toured?

1. After my show in Switzerland, I went skinny dipping with a couple of German drag queens during the full moon in the harbour - that was amazing.
2. Of course, opening for Charli XCX in London last month was a holy experience.
3. My last performance before the pandemic in Helsinki (Finland) is so dear to me because I spent the whole year thinking about it during lockdown.

Top 3 places you want to tour next?

I need to go somewhere warm because the Scandinavian winter darkness is horrible.
So if anybody wants to book me in the Maldives, Australia or Thailand I’m so down, haha.

‘GOOD PUSS’ from COBRAH’s self-titled EP is out now. COBRAH: Instagram / YouTube / Spotify