Rob Tennent is a model, creative and maker of ‘Come Back to Bed’, a tender book on healing after sexual assault

Meet the New Zealand based talent using his voice for good

May 15, 2019

At just 20 years old, Rob Tennent is a creative force to be reckoned with. From his recent debut as a face for M.A.C Cosmetics to his release of ‘Come Back to Bed’, a beautiful, brave and heartbreaking photobook on healing after sexual assault - Rob is constantly challenging himself creatively. We caught up with the New Zealand based talent to capture his portrait and talk top ten things - from his favorite worldly possession to his must watch horror film.

MODEL: Rob Tennent
PHOTOGRAPHER: Vladimir Kravchenko
STYLIST: Anastasia Med

Hey Rob, what song do you have on repeat?

Melting by Kali Uchis

Favorite scary movie?

Jennifer’s Body, it’s kind of scary but it’s hilarious and so 2000s.

Favorite form of creative expression?  

I really like styling and directing shoots/editorials. Bringing a team together to work on something exciting.

If you could wear one designer forever who would it be?

Oh that’s so hard! Can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein?

Person dead or alive you’d love to have dinner with?  

I’d love to have dinner with Rihanna.

Your perfect day out?

I love spending the day with my friends at the beach or something. Road trip to a beach then a picnic on the sand.

Perfect meal?  

I think anything Italian. A creamy mushroom pasta or pesto pasta.

Favorite city?

I loved Buenos Aires. I was only there for 3 days but I’d love to go back and see more of Argentina.

Favorite worldly possession?        

All my family photos or handed down jewellery.

Favorite Instagram account?  

I love @noeloquence

Where can we follow you and buy your book ‘Come Back to Bed’?

@rob.tennent and