Coolgirlswearmugler Blue Eye Make Up

Regina Talpa is the make up artist behind all your favourite Instagram looks

We spoke to Regina Talpa a.k.a CoolGirlsWearMugler on her makeup must-haves, latest girl crush and where to find beauty on a budget

August 16, 2018

You’ve seen her glossy eyes all over Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Now meet the 23-year-old makeup artist behind your favourite looks. Regina Talpa, a.k.a CoolGirlsWearMugler is a Greek makeup artist from Sweden. Her bold eye looks have gained her 29.8k followers on Instagram. We caught up with Regina on her must-have products, latest girl crush and how to get the 'no makeup' makeup look.

Hey Regina, how did you first get into makeup?

My passion started a few years ago when I ran a high fashion Tumblr. I used to see all the makeup details and beauty trends from the latest runway shows and began recreating some of the bold glossy looks. I love extreme makeup.

“I love extreme makeup.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Usually I’m inspired by nature, fashion editorials or other make-up artists that I follow. Then I just start creating based on the products I have available.  


What’s your skin care routine?

I always use sunscreen and a rich moisturizer in the morning. I also exfoliate my skin with Glow Tonic by Pixi twice a day. That’s it, simple and easy.

What are your top 5 beauty products?

Bodyography Glitter Pigments (seriously pigmented and long lasting)
Lash Sensational by Maybelline
Glow tonic by Pixi (changed my skin after just a few uses)
Able Cosmetics Eyeliner
Moisture Surge by Clinique

What’s one beauty product you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without a good moisturizer. Skincare is the most important step in a makeup routine and no one should ignore it.


What’s your top drugstore product?

My favourite drugstore product is Mattes Mischief Palette by Revolution Pro. It’s very pigmented and has every color you could imagine at a very affordable price.

What’s your fave beauty tip?

My favourite beauty tip is tightlining my lashes. I wiggle the pencil between my lashes and I use a cotton tip to remove any residue on the upper waterline, so the pencil doesn’t transfer. It makes the lash line look so much fuller and sometimes it’s the only thing I do when I want a ‘no makeup makeup look’.

“Tightlining my lashes. Sometimes it’s the only thing I do when I want a ‘no makeup’ makeup look.”

What’s your fave online beauty tutorial?

I only watch Violette_Fr right now. I have a girl crush on her style, her minimalistic editing and I especially like how she shoots outside (in bars, restaurants etc). She creates bold looks but keeps everything else lowkey so even her glitter eyes can be easily worn out in public without looking weird. Did I mention she is the beauty director of Estee Lauder?

“I only watch Violette right now. I have a girl crush on her style.”

Who is your beauty icon?

I have no beauty icon but I admire Violette Fr, Katie Jane Hughes and Olivia Palermo.

What’s your fave beauty trend right now?

My favourite trend right now is the glass skin effect. I’m a big fan of natural, dewy skin and glass skin looks so healthy and pretty on every girl. I also like how no much foundation is required in order to achieve this effect.

“My favourite designer is Alexander McQueen but I love Thierry Mugler as well (duh).”

Who is your fave fashion designer?

My favourite fashion designer will always be Alexander McQueen but I love Thierry Mugler as well (duh).


What song have you got on repeat?

I’ve been listening to Fuego by Manu Crooks ft Anfa Rose a lot lately.

Where can we see more of your work?

Instagram is currently the only platform where you can my see my work. But I’ve seen many of my eye looks on Pinterest and Tumblr which is funny!