Boys.Melb is the Instagram giving us streetwear with a futuristic twist

Meet the anonymous curator behind Boys.Melb

August 8, 2018

What started out as a hobby two years ago, has now grown into a 30,000-strong following on Instagram for the anonymous creator of Boys.Melb. Curating images based on his current mood, the account’s founder shares everything from 80s sports cars to Bella Hadid in tiny sunglasses and the neon lit streets of Neo-Tokyo from Akira. We spoke to the creator behind Boys.Melb about his chats with Ninja from Die Antwoord about Prada, his love for Raf Simons and what’s next for his account.


Hey Boys.Melb. What’s one of the coolest things that has happened since you started the account?

The coolest thing would have to be talking with Ninja (from Die Antwoord) about Prada SS17 and style influencers as he's been a big inspiration of mine. That was insane and is still hard to believe.

The coolest thing was talking with Ninja (from Die Antwoord) about Prada SS17 as he's been a big inspiration of mine. That was insane and still hard to believe.

What are some of your favourite films or shows?

I'm a Kubrick fan so 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'Eyes Wide Shut' would be among my favourites. Also, anime movies like 'Akira' and 'Ghost In The Shell' are great because of their neon-futuristic aesthetics. Another favourite would be 'Lost in Translation' with Bill Murray.

You post a lot of cool cars. What’s your dream car and what song would you blast from it?

I’d have a black Ferrari Testarossa (the 80s one) and would definitely blast the GTA Vice City soundtrack.

I’d have a black Ferrari Testarossa and blast the GTA Vice City soundtrack.

What one designer would you want to wear for the rest of your life?

Right now, Raf because he's designed so much great stuff in the past that is stylistically timeless. Just endless collections and collaborations to choose from.

What famous person would you want to spend an afternoon with? Where would you go with them?

I'd like to spend an afternoon with Ozzy Osbourne. I don't really mind what we did as long as I got to hear some of his many stories.


What creators or brands are you into at the moment?

Ava Nope, Yung Lean, Paria Farzaneh and Yung Bans

What would your followers be surprised to know about you in real life?

I'm 200cm tall

What account/s on Instagram should we follow right now?

@grey93,@virgomood, @gelbsy, @godzdntdie, @interiorxdesignx, @ingallerey,  @accesoire,

What’s next for boys.melb?

I'm growing @boys.archive so I can have a more vintage inspired account because I’m a big fan of both modern and vintage. The Boys Sports Club stuff is re-releasing in a month or so because of how popular it was so I'm organising that currently. I've got some big ideas for future collections and collaborations and I can't wait to release them!

Where can we keep up with your cool content?

Only on Instagram: @boys.melb and @boys.archive