Makeup Artist Danielė Gabrielevičiūtė a.k.a MyMakeUpIsShit on her Favourite Things

We caught up with Danielė on her latest obsessions, fashion icons and the one beauty product that never leaves her side.

August 3, 2018

Danielė Gabrielevičiūtė a.k.a MyMakeupIsShit on Instagram is a self-taught makeup artist from Lithuania, based in Amsterdam. What started out as a hobby 5 years ago with Danielė watching YouTube videos and trying out makeup looks on her friends, has since gained her over 4.6k followers on Instagram who tune in daily to see her bold, experimental makeup looks. We caught up with the talented artist on everything she’s obsessed with right now, from her fashion icons to the album she has on rotation and the one beauty product that never leaves her side.

Hey Danielė Gabrielevičiūtė, what are your top 5 beauty products?

Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation
Catrice liquid camouflage concealer
L’Oreal brow artist plumper
Physicians Formula butter bronzer
Maybelline lash sensational mascara

What’s one beauty product you couldn’t live without?

Urban Decay Electric palette follows me everywhere.

“Urban Decay Electric palette follows me everywhere.”

What's your skin care routine?

It’s different every time, depending on how my skin feels. In the morning I usually use more anti-acne treatments and products that prevent my skin from oiliness. In the evening it‘s the opposite, I use really moisturising products.

What’s your fave beauty tip?

SKINCARE SKINCARE SKINCARE and finding products that suit your skin.


Who are some of your beauty and fashion icons?

I wouldn’t say icons, but some people I admire are Charles Jeffrey, Alanna Pearl , Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick, Juliana Horner, Kitty Garratt and THAT GIRL SUSSI

What’s your favourite trend right now?

Brands being more inclusive and environmentally friendly

“My favourite trend? Brands being more inclusive and environmentally friendly”

What fashion brands are you vibing on right now?

Molly Goddard, Charles Jeffrey, Prada & Gucci & Balenciaga (the basics), Shrimps, Mimi Wade, Liam Hodges and Claire Barrow

What are some of your fave accounts on Instagram?

Diet_prada, Hautelemode, Notallgeminis, Fashion_east and 1granary

What album have you got on repeat now?

Kali Uchis - Isolation

Where we can see more of your work?

MyMakeUpIsShit and on my personal instagram boringybe where I occasionally post my drawings and ideas (I’m going to post even more of this stuff now).