8 songs to listen to when you’re feeling moody AF

8 songs to listen to when you’re feeling MOODY AF

Raging at the world? These 8 songs will make it all better

August 8, 2018

Mad at the state of the world? Sick of toxic people? Ready to dig your own grave and shutter the coffin from this never ending presidential nightmare? Then turn on these moody AF tunes, close the door, light the candles and bring on the spells.

1.  “Грустная Сука (Sad Bitch)” - IC3PEAK

When you’re a sad bitch and proud of it


2. “Brujas” - Princess Nokia

When you need protection from toxic people


3. “Conjuring” - IAMDDB

When you want to conjure a dark beat


4. “The Conversation” - Chynna

When you want a witchy concoction of killer ravens, spooky forests and blood


5. “Silent Night” - Big Momma

When you want lyrics to slay you and everyone you love


6. “Trust Nobody” - 070 Shake

When you’re feeling wary of everyone


7. “IMA READ” - Zebra Katz

When you want to teach someone a lesson


8 “Leave Me Alone” - Tommy Cash

When they don’t get the hint